4 Hilarious Companies That You Should Be Following On Twitter

Some companies have their Twitter game down, and they're sending out hilarious tweets like it's their day job.

funny twitter companies

I honestly don’t know why every single company doesn’t have a Twitter account and a strong Twitter presence. It seems like common sense that you need that today just like you need your name on your bags and products. But even among the companies that are on Twitter, there are a few that stand above the crowd, the cream of the Tweeting crop.

I don’t have any idea who’s managing any of these accounts, but they deserve a promotion and a raise.

4.) Perkins Restaurants
Perkins is a group of restaurants that you can find in the northeastern part of the US.

3.) Burger King
Burger King’s Twitter presence is on-point. They’re a fast-food restaurant so there’s no need to be serious about anything other than the lack of ebola in the spinach.

2.) Hamburger Helper
Hamburger Helper’s Twitter account put out a “mixtape”, let me say that again, they actually have a mixtape about Hamburger Helper, don’t believe me? Watch this.

and since then they’ve been Tweeting about it.

1.) Old Spice
The deodorant company has a pretty solid Twitter presence, which makes sense because their product’s job is to make you not stink.

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