Jay-Z In a Sour Patch with Fans As Beyonce Drops “Lemonade”


This week is not a good one for Jay-Z. After the Beyhive descended on fashion designer Rachel Roy (as well as mistakenly sending some shade Rachael Ray’s way) after Beyonce dropped her visual album “Lemonade”, you can be sure retribution on the rapper was not going to be far behind.

Lesson? Do not f*ck with Beyonce. she’s Queen Bey for a good reason.


So what exactly is Jay-Z’s crime in all this? The album “Lemonade” puts on blast Jay-Z’s infidelity (oh snap!), as well as everything that’s horrible and ugly about relationships and marriage. Sometimes you just gotta let it out for your sanity, y’know?

And boy, did the Beyhive let Mr. Beyonce have it.


With a stare like that, you may as well die in the living room.

Better wise up by the first stanza.

Fans felt the hurt for their Queen.

They’re coming for you, Jay-Z.

He’s sweating buckets underneath that baller cap.

No yummy biscuits for you!

Awkward, awkward, awkward.

The cycle is complete.

Oh, and just in case, please contact the authorities should you see a Jay-Z in the wild.


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