These Stockings Give You Insta-pedicures So You Won’t Have To

Do you love pedicures, but hate the muss and fuss that comes with doing it yourself? Do you love all things open-toed and flip-floppy in the footwear department, but don’t have the time to shave your legs? You’re just in luck, because these new stockings might be just what you want in time for summer.

Belle Maison, a Japanese company. has launched their newest product to save us all some time and thinking — sheer, nude stockings with painted toenails.

If the thought of having to deal with webbed toes and awkward nail polish placement makes you cringe, don’t fret. these tights have individual toes, which makes for cozier fits. Also hello thong sandals and strappier confections!


There are may fun designs and color palettes to choose from, perfect for mixing and matching with your summer looks!


Care for something more of the Disney persuasion? Belle Maison has got you covered.


Wear some Paris dreams on your toesies in the sun.


A number of Japanese ladies are rocking these stockings and posting their sweet “painted” little piggies all over social media.


Meanwhile, a few ladies on the other half of the globe seem to be more into snickering over these tights than actually trying them out. (But seriously ladies, don’t knock ’em until you’ve tried ’em.)

These Belle Maison stockings come in two variants: a full-waist pair costs around $13 USD (1,500 JPY), while the knee-length version sells for around $11 USD (1,200 JPY).

There are only two drawbacks we see to these stockings. Sadly, these only come in one shade of skin tone. And you just might miss the feel of a gusty breeze on your bare legs when the climate turns more humid.

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