It’s World Penguin Day, Yet We Insist On Killing Penguins

April 25th is World Penguin Day. Yes, there is a World Penguin Day.

Today is World Penguin Day. You may be surprised to learn there’s a whole day dedicated to these waddling little creatures. In point of fact, there are TWO days on the calendar dedicated to penguins. The other is Penguin Awareness Day, which takes place on January 20th.

And yet we humans insist on causing irreversible damage to this planet, and time is running out to save our tuxedo’d. From commercialized over-fishing to man-made climate change, the little butlers have little chance in a world that’s too warm with too few fish?

Think about that the next time you settle by the fire for a cup of hot whale blubber and a good yarn from old Uncle Henry on Penguin’s Day eve.

Every year, some species of arctic penguin undergo a massive migration to beachfront breeding grounds.
Every year, some species of arctic penguin undergo a massive migration to beachfront breeding grounds. Scientists warn that human activity may be driving the fuzzy creatures to extinction.

According to The New England Aquarium:

“Penguin biologists from around the world warn that ten of the planet’s eighteen penguin species have experienced further serious population declines. The effects of climate change, overfishing, chronic oil pollution and predation by introduced mammals are among the major factors cited repeatedly by penguin scientists as contributing to these population drops.”

In case you fell asleep during March of the Penguins, and we won’t blame you if you did, penguins undergo a long and arduous migration every year around the time World Penguin Day coincidences with. Thousands of birds waddle their way to a beach breeding ground.

So on this blessed day, let’s remember the flightless friends we’re driving to extinction while cashing in on their image to sell ‘arctic’ styrofoam coolers, cans of soda, and animated films starring Shia LaBeouf.

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