This Is What Underwater Anger Sounds Like

Fishing is one of the calmest, most serene, and relaxing pastimes known to man. But when a fish decides to get smart about where and how to get its next meal around humans, you can be sure there isn’t much relaxing to be done around these waters.

A video was posted on Reddit feature the torment of a deep-sea spear fisher at the hands (fins?) of rather crafty and hungry grouper. Just as he reels in his catch, a humongous grouper swoops in and enjoys the fruits of this human’s hard work. Again. and again. and again.


Can we even blame this guy for his great anger aand cursing the water… er, blue round him?

Watch this diver rage against the grouper below:

So just how notorious are these groupers? Reddit users chimed in, and spoke from experience:

Some people underlined from scientific text just how tricky and anger-inducing this fish is.

These groupers will eat even sharks. Yes, sharks. (I recommend clicking the link to see evidence.)

Other redditors opined perhaps it would be a smart move to switch their diet to groupers for their size, and as some form of service to the fishing community. Unfortunately, doing so is illegal in many of the US states’ waters for conservation purposes.

That fish clearly is lacking in the Courtesy department.

Some commenters pointed out, with all the anger going on, surely there are more constructive ways to use the oxygen in the diver’s tank.

Thank goodness a real-life diver came in with answers.

However, it seems it’s not just the grouper that manages to make off with human hunter’s catch for a tasty meal for themselves. Those adorable, cuddly seals? Yes, them too.

They learn. They all learn.

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