A Rainbow Appears Over Prince’s Studio Hours After Death

Photo credit: Aaron Goodyear/WCCO TV

As hundreds of mourners gathered to remember musical icon, Prince at his Paisley Park estate, a incredible sight was spotted.

A rainbow was photographed appearing briefly in the sky just hours after his death. News outlet KARE 11 reported on Mother Nature’s tribute.

“The rainbow stretched perfectly across the sky over Prince’s home studio and estate” before vanishing only minutes later. Go ahead and call it a coincidence, but we’re chalking this one up as proof that Prince is, in fact, supernatural.

Prince’s Paisley Park estate had served as his personal recording studio, as well as his home. His body was discovered this morning at the very estate. As the news of his death broke, the media and fans gathered at the gates of the estate to remember the icon. As the rainbow appeared fans began to scream, “Prince.”

The 57-year-old “Purple Rain” singer was recently hospitalized earlier this month due to “flu-like” symptoms after his final performance in Atlanta. A 911 call was placed by an unidentified male this morning that explained that Prince was found unresponsive.

“We need an ambulance right now. … We have someone who is unconscious,” an unidentified male told dispatcher Emily Colestock during a 911 call, according to the transcript obtained by Us.

Prince’s cause of death has not been released and an autopsy will be performed on Friday.

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