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If you’re any fan of Dan Bilzerian, then here some news that will make you happy. The self-proclaimed ‘King of Instagram’ has landed a book deal to share all of the wildest stories behind his lavish lifestyle. With more than 16 million followers, the book will chronicle all of the wildest stories of those playboy shots that fill his Instagram feed.

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From topless women and briefcases of cash to luxury cars and exotic animals, the King of Instagram is known for chronicling his extravagant lifestyle on social media. The son of disgraced corporate raider, Paul Bilzerian, knows how to party hard and is the envy for most men.

The book, entitled Blitz, is due out this Fall and will share the untold side of the (almost) Navy Seal turned professional poker player and playboy. We can only imagine how crazy Bilzerian’s book will be. I mean, c’mon, the man is constantly surrounded by naked women and overflowing bags of money.

Would you bother to read Bilzerian’s book?

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