Snapchat’s Bob Marley Filter Backfires Big Time

The Bob Marley Snapchat filter launched yesterday, also known as 420 day, has irked – and is irking – people left and right, and of course, it’s all over social media.

Yesterday, Snapchat released a Bob Marley filter which allows users to combine their face with Bob Marley’s.

Up in arms social media went – for two reasons.

One, racism.

Two, emphasizing association between Bob Marley and marijuana.

Here’s a mix of reactions – either the first or second reason, or a mix of both.

Do you think Snapchat’s move is disrespectful?

Oh, and Kylie Jenner.

This “issue” has made the rounds, with everyone having something to say. While most of what I’ve seen on my feed are negative, there are a couple that say the majority is overreacting.

My question: What would Bob Marley have thought?

Snapchat users, how did you react when you saw the new filter? Did you use it? How do you feel now that it has been bashed to death?

P.S. Snapchat did all this with the permission of the Bob Marley Estate.

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