Pizza Kiss Cam Girl is Twitter’s Newest Hero

Look, when you got a game with no date and two equally gorgeous slices of pizza in both hands, the pizzas are your date, no questions asked. If you’re put on the spot for the whole stadium to see, go ahead and bit into all that hot, melted cheesy goodness and show the world your love.

pizza kiss cam girl

Which is exactly what this one girl did when she was put on a random Kiss cam happenstance. She might not be locking lips like that couple in front of her, but she knows one thing to be true: she will always have pizza.

This double-(slice)-wielding lady got put on camera before the Atlanta Hawks vs Celtics playoffs. She has become the pizza hero that Twitter longs for and deserves.

Someone out there is getting the munchies just watching Kiss Cam Pizza Girl.

It’s quickly becoming a matter of national pride.

A legend is born to us.

Of course, there are some who feel super-awkward…

But don’t be hatin’, because pizza is love.

Pizza Kiss Cam Girl, take our hearts. And all our pizza.

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