Facts You Need To Know About The Political Candidates For New York’s Primary Day

Before you cast your vote in New York's Primary Day, here are a few quick facts you might not know about each candidate.

new york primary day
new york primary day

Primary Day is finally here in New York and this might be the final stand for Bernie and Cruz, if things don’t go well today for those two then they’re in a particularly rough spot. But before you New Yorkers race to the polls, here are a few things that you should might not know about each of the candidates.

1.) Hillary Clinton won a grammy
Hillary Clinton won a grammy in 1997 when she was first lady for the audio version of her book “It Takes a Village”. In the book, Hillary outlines what she believes to be necessary for children to grow up and become successful, community involvement is one of the bigger facets.

2.) Donald Trump was the spoiled rich kid’s dad in “The Little Rascals”
As if you didn’t need another reason not to like The Donald, he was actually Waldo’s dad in “The Little Rascals”. You might not remember his cameo, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

3.) Nobody that went to college with Ted Cruz likes him.
Ted Cruz has gotten a lot of heat lately from Craig Mazin who was his college roommate at Princeton. Ever since Cruz began his political career, Mazin has been a thorn in his side, so remember that when you cast your vote on Primary Day.

4.) Bernie was in a low budget comedy.
Bernie Sanders has been in a few movies, most recently he was in the 1999 film “My Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception” where he played the role of an eccentric rabbi.

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