Sarah Palin Mocks Bill Nye And Proves She’s Still A Huge Joke

Sarah Palin decided to attack Bill Nye on climate change and yes, she's still a huge joke.

sarah palin bill nye
sarah palin bill nye

Sarah Palin is one of those rare characters in the American political spectrum that’s always good for a joke. This election season has been even more plentiful than most in terms of comedic material but old Sarah is at it again.

The former Alaska governor emerged into the national spotlight a few years ago when she was the vice-president candidate under John McCain. She’s a huge supporter of fossil fuels and is credited with the tagline “drill, baby, drill!”. But there are a laundry list of embarrassments that Palin is dragging behind her. Her daughter, Bristol Palin, got knocked up while still in high school, then the entire Palin family got into a drunken brawl at a birthday party. So pretty much they’re like the white trash version of the Kennedys.

In her last debacle, Sarah Palin reportedly said that Bill Nye “is as much of a scientist as I am” and that “he’s a kid’s show actor”. This statement came during a premiere of the anti-climate change film “climate hustle” that was showing in Washington DC.

Immediately the internet got fired up about Sarah Palin’s Bill Nye comments because, let’s face it, the internet is mostly 90’s kids and talking trash on Bill Nye is like talking trash on the Original Power Rangers or Rocket Power. You just don’t do it.

There are talks that these two will actually be debating some time in the future and that will just be too good of an opportunity to pass up. Let’s hope that comes to life.

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