Justin Bieber Posts Racy Coloring Page, Twitter Reacts


With Justin Bieber canceling his meet-and-greets as of late, it seems this pop star is starting to appreciate the value of quiet time. In fact, he’s recently posted his most recent work on Instagram — a finished page out of an adult coloring book. We might say there’s certainly an emphasis on the “adult” part:

Good job on coloring evenly, Justin. And staying in the lines. Hey, we’re not knocking your work; it’s a start.

It does seem the Biebs has a taste for darker palettes, with his scantily-clad anime girl in dark skin and a purple, uh, top and panties. There’s even a hint of a shadow (?) on the girl’s nose bridge and cheeks.

Naturally, the rest of the Internet also had something to say about his work.

A number of people cheered for his enjoyment of adult coloring, citing its psychological benefits.

Others sneered at Justin’s choice of coloring piece.

Others couldn’t see why it was such a big deal.

Others had a might need to know what book that was, and where can they buy it?



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