The Toolbag Singer Of The Story So Far Drop Kicks A Girl On Stage & Fans Don’t Care

The lead singer of The Story So Far recently drop kicked a girl off stage for taking a selfie but people really don't seem that upset about the incident.

the story so far
the story so far

The Story So Far is a pop punk group out of California that apparently hates it when people climb on stage to take selfies. In fact, they hate it so much that their lead singer recently dropkicked a girl off the stage because she was taking a selfie. The video of the incident is blowing up the internet and most people are realizing that this kind of thing isn’t really cool, but a lot of band’s fans don’t really seem to mind.

The Story So Far has that pop-punk feel that all those bands had in the 2000’s, their listening base is mostly jocks and frat bros, there might have been a few emo kids that listened to them on the down low. Their fans were pretty empathetic about the drop kick incident, they seemed to realize that you’re not allowed to be on the stage taking pictures, despite the fact that she was only on there for a few moments before she was booted off.

But some other people realized how ridiculous this incident was. The Story So Far is not really a punk-rock band, at least not in the classical sense. I suppose at a Dead Kennedys or Black Flag concert we could expect this kind of thing. GG Allin probably would have done a lot worse.

The girl who got kicked off the stage supposedly posted on Facebook about the incident. We don’t know if it’s actually her or not, but even she seems fine with a little playful assault at a “punk rock” show.

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