Porn Site XHamster Comes Hard All Over North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Bill


Following the much-criticized passing of North Carolina’s anti-LGBT “Bathroom Bill”, the LGBT community have found an ally from a porn site. XHamster brought some cold, hard facts to the internet table, and gave the bill’s supporters a beefy injection of evidence and justice.

North Carolina’s “Bathroom Bill” states that people must use the public restrooms based on the assigned sex on their birth certificates. This forces transgender men and women to follow the aforementioned bill, and risk ridicule, verbal abuse, and bodily harm from less-understanding North Carolinans.

XHamster saw that this was clearly not okay, and decided to hold a mirror up to some appalling hypocrisy. North Carolina users were banned from the site, but can now continue using the site — once they bring themselves to close out of this very educational banner:

XHamster’s banner speaks truth — it shows the number of searches from North Carolina for the terms “Gay” and “Shemale” — 320,000 views, and 500,000 views, respectively.


Twitter had much to say about XHamster’s bold move, natch.

Congratulations were abundant.

So were criticisms, but XHamster can take it.

Others were more particular about the political correctness terms used on the site.

Some users wanted to see XHamster up the savagery.

Certainly sounds like a big load for North Carolina’s “Bathroom Bill” to swallow.

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