Photo Of Hotel Shocker is Making Tourists Think Twice

Picture this: You and your partners are tourists checking into what seems like a decent hotel. You find it a little too expensive for your liking, but hey, if they service and cleanliness is top-notch, why not? You tip the bellboy with a nice round figure after he unloads your luggage. You go around to inspect the room. Bathroom, with amenities and towels? Check. Room smell and ambiance? Check. Bed?


You and your main smooch plop yourselves down on the coverlet. You’re in a mood that’s half-still-checking, and half-Oooh-I-can’t-wait-to-rest, when you hear something crinkling under the duvet. Uh-oh.

You lift the cover, and —

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Okay, Housekeeping, that is NOT COOL.

This image went viral on the photo-sharing site Imgur, and the comments came flooding in.

Some folks were getting worked up on what unholy acts had happened before the next guest for the bed to earn this warning.



As well as how this would reflect on the hotel chain’s reputation for hygiene.


Others shuddered to imagine Science confirming unthinkable scenarios.


One ex-employee of the Marriott, alas, brought to light everyone’s suspicions.


Some more-experienced travelers concurred this was a smart idea, and even shared their own tips for making sure of the room’s cleanliness.




On the other side of the coin, sometimes working in Housekeeping is no walk in the park. In fact, it’s been tagged as one, if not the, most dangerous job in the world. There’s prepping rooms, cleaning up after unruly guests, and keeping discreet about guest’s bad behaviors to consider, all with the hope of earning tips to help them out. What do you think?

Here’s a video of lesser-known hotel housekeeping secrets that might make you think twice about those bed sheets:

Feature image courtesy of ShustOne
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