Jets QB Mark Sanchez Gets Death Threats And Mockery All Over Twitter

Twitter is a great way for us normal people to feel a modicum of connection with our favorite celebrities. It’s also a great way, as Jets QB Mark Sanchez learned Monday night, to threaten our stars with bodily harm up to and including death.

After the Jets game against the Titans Monday night, arguably the worst outing of Sanchez’s NFL career, the QB received numerous death threats on Twitter in light of New York’s 14-10 loss to Tennessee.

Of course, Grancru doesn’t really want to kill Mark Sanchez. NY Daily followed-up with the disgruntled fan who told them “I was just pissed off. I lost $700 on the game. That’s real money. I feel like Sanchez is doing all of these turnovers on purpose.”

Sanchez, a former first-round pick, completed 13 of 28 passes for just 131 yards during Monday’s game. He threw a third-quarter touchdown to Jeff Cumberland, but tossed four interceptions and fumbled the football. He was also sacked three times for 22 yards, reports CBS News.

In addition to death threats, Sanchez received a lot of non-threatening criticism for his dismal performance on Twitter. Here are some of the best critical tweets:

For cryin’ out loud, just start Tebow already! At least God helps him pull miraculous wins out of his derriere half the time!

Dusten Carlson
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