What Does Twitter Think Of The Panama Papers?

The Panama Papers are making headlines on your television but what does Twitter have to say on the biggest leak in recent history?

The Panama Papers are the hot topic right now in the world which means two things: number one, a lot of people are angry at Putin and the now former Prime Minister of Iceland; and number two, Kim Kardashian is probably freaking out that people aren’t talking about her or her deranged husband on Twitter right now. Twitter reacted pretty quickly and if the buzz on the site is any prediction, we’re going to see some changes.

The first thing that happened as a result of the Panama Papers was President Obama addressing the country on the issue and saying that these tax breaks are terrible. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are coming under fire with this scandal because they pushed through Free Trade Agreements in Panama that made exploiting the loopholes a bit easier.

But this thing gets bigger every time we turn around. It seems that the Panama Papers revealed that British Prime Minister David Cameron’s father was dealing in some very shifty tax evasion business.

But of course some Twitter users are seeing the Panama Papers as the perfect date night.

This little gem that was published in The Times is making its way around the internet.

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