Jackie Chan Among Celebs Implicated In Tax Evasion Leak

Martial artist and popular entertainer Jackie Chan was among the people named by the massive Panama Papers data leak, according to USA Today:

“At least three well-known entertainers, including Oscar-winning Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar and martial-arts star Jackie Chan, have turned up in the leaked ‘Panama Papers’ documents detailing how rich, famous and powerful people hide their wealth in offshore accounts.”

The leak is the largest in history, and will implicate many well-known companies and individuals in tax evasion, as well as unsavory deeds ranging from human trafficking and pedophilia to war crimes.

According to IMDB, Jackie Chan

“…was born Kong-sang Chan on Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Peak on April 7, 1954, to Charles and Lee-Lee Chan, and the family emigrated to Canberra, Australia, in early 1960. The young Jackie was less than successful scholastically, so his father sent him back to Hong Kong to attend the rigorous China Drama Academy, one of the Peking Opera schools. Chan excelled at acrobatics, singing and martial arts and eventually became a member of the “Seven Little Fortunes” performing troupe and began lifelong friendships with fellow martial artists / actors Sammo Kam-Bo Hung and Biao Yuen. Chan journeyed back and forth to visit his parents and work in Canberra, but eventually he made his way back to Hong Kong as his permanent home. In the early 1970s Chan commenced his movie career.”

All that is known about Chan’s involvement, at this time, is that he “has at least six companies managed through the law firm” that funnels money to shell companies to dodge taxes and hide paper trails.

There are hundreds if not thousands of individuals and companies yet to be implicated in anything, but their backdoor financial dealings will soon come to light as the information is released to the public.

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