18 Museum Snapchats To Make Your Monday Better

Museum snapchats are quickly becoming the preferred way to take in art, and we've got a few of the best ones for you.

Museum snapchatsare blend the new with the old in a great way. Basically it’s just people snapchatting pictures of paintings and sculptures and captioning them. But since most of these come through the Tumblr community, there’s some extremely witty humor involved in a lot of the museum snapchats. These are sure to cheer you up if you’re in the doldrums.

Also, beware that the language in some of these is a little less that suitable for the entire family, so you may want to be sure there aren’t any little ones over your shoulder.


Surprise seems to be a common theme in medieval art, and an even more common theme in snaps.



Who knew Michael Jackson was a celebrity in antiquity?


Just when we thought that we were done with this song…


Mean girls work very well when they’re wearing pink.


It makes us wonder what the actual painters would have been snapchatting about, or would they have been too busy making “real art”?




Cleopatra was made for museum snapchats.



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Featured Image: [Flickr/Nathan]


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