Try These Festival-worthy Flower Crown Alternatives

Flower crown

Coachella, Lilith Fair, maybe even Burning Man? Summer music festivals are just around the corner. While a flower crown seems to be the head gear of choice for many fest-goers, some of you out there might want to try something a little more ecclectic. Off the beaten track. Maybe even something with a little more commitment? Something less 1960’s and more 2016?

Here are a number of other ways you can rock a party on your on head sans the presence of large blooms on a circlet.

Glitter roots

It was a hit in the ’80s. It was all over our hair and skin in the ’90s. Now in the 2010s, glitter is coming back and getting all snug in your roots. Just in case you’d like to give this look a go and can’t find glitter gel at your nearby drugstore of beauty shop, here’s a tutorial on how to make and rock your own.

GLITTTTTTAAA 4 eva~~* ? #glitterroots #silverhair

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Mermaid hair

We were here before Merman hair graced Instagram, and the look is showing no signs of going away any time soon. Yes, this does require commitment and is clearly not a traditional corporate look, so practice a bit of caution — unless your workplace policy is pretty cool about rad-colored hair. 

Real life #mermaidhair #bluehair #greenhair #hairinspo #hairideas

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Baby’s breath tresses

The shy, unassuming cousin to the flower crown, this look was first spotted on the runway and is a cinch to replicate. We recommend attaching the sprigs of baby’s breath with extra-hold gel, and to apply strategically for a forest-fairy feel.

Tinsel town

Tinsel just might be the perfect complement to pastel or opal hair. It’ll look fantastic when the light show onstage gets started. 

Ribbon braids

This certainly looks complex and takes commitment, but it can also double as a protective style for natural hair.

Abstract shaves

Folks rocking a super-short style or an undercut need not be left out. Plus points for this look’s versatility, as strategically-positioned shaves can still go undercover in the corporate workplace.

??? #hairdesigns. I need to get hair colored soon ??

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Bound in Gold

Time to raid the craft supply bin; those elastic gold ties are now great for more than just gift-wrapping. wrap generously, and secure with a small bobby pin behind the wrap.

Crowning glory

Why not go au naturel and just be your own crown? this not only keeps long tresses neat through the dancing and the jumping at the festival, but also keeps you cool on hotter afternoons.

#rg @rickysaiz splish splash?

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Scarf braid

Take a new note out of Frida Kahlo’s hair styling and braid you hair with a colorful scarf. Definitely a refreshing break from your regular flower crown.


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