Photoshop ‘Til You Drop From These Funny Pics


Photoshop Hero James Fridman is at it again with a fresh, new stack of ‘shopped image hot off his computer. If you got to enjoy the last post on his skills and humor and find yourself wanting more, here’s a whole new set of photoshop requests.

With the US Presidential elections such a hot topic these days, these tweets can’t help but be a little more political than usual. It’s true! So, so true:

It’s so true, it hurts. At east, this guy got a good nap through all that racket.

How do you say “on fleek”?

But back to our regular scheduled program. James knows there’ nothing quite as manly as a full head of beard. Yeah, you herd me, a full head. So manly.

There you go, pool party of one.

*GASP!* How dare you call that an ugly creature! Whatever’s poor Muffy done to you?!

Let that puppy be, you monster!

I don’t know, being rude on Twitter is kinda pretty embarrassing behavior, don’t you think?

“Oh, don’t mind me, sweetheart, just a small crick in me neck is all.”

Seriously, your neck’s fine, dude. Besides, think of of all that awkward screams you’d get around the women’s changing areas, y’know?

The photo just got 80% cooler.

If you see a disembodied bum floating don the street… just wave politely. It’s on a mission.

Well, you’re not wrong… then again, he did say so.


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