Put Some Monkey Business In Your Office With These Pranks


With April Fool’s Day practically a few snoozes away, it’s time to rub your hands together in maniacal glee and dream up of some sweet, sweet, diabolical pranks. In the past, we’ve shared some foodie pranks, and some techie pranks. Here’s a mish-mash of mischief that will make your workmates say “Okay slow down, satan”.

Here’s one way to make sure your colleagues are wide awake as soon as they walk through the office door.

And imagine their faces when they sit down to their computers (pfft, of course they never turn their computers off when they leave), and seeing this on their expensive corporate-owned screens.

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(ssssh. It’s just a display image, teehee.)

Oh, your colleagues need those handouts xeroxed? Good thing you brought in this snazzy “brand new hi-tech” xerox machine that looks exactly like the machine you’ve always had in the office, except it has a new sign tacked onto it. (wink, wink.)

And this one’s for all those office moochers out there who just can’t keep their hands off people’s stuff.

And then you think, “Oh, I wonder if my flatmate is enjoying themself this April Fool’s Day. Such a shame if they missed all the fun — WHICH I MADE SURE THEY DIDN’T, haw haw.”

Some friends of mine are currently engaged in a housemate prank war

Yeah, that’s going to make your boss feel sooooo loved, right in their own private loo.

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Or y’ know, you could turn the communal bathroom into a chicken coop. Adopting a poor defenseless chicken and giving it a home! What an honorable, humane thing to do. *wipes tear*

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The lunch room is not safe from your schemes, you prank god, you. Let’s start with one lunch at a time.

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Watch those self-satisfied looks turn into confusion as they sink into a hearty slice of Not-Chocolate-Chip Bread.

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Oh look, dessert!

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Aaaw, how sweet! You’re just looking out for your coworkers’ health! What a great guy. (now run for it.)

Your coworkers have had enough, and are heading to the loo to brush their teeth. They thought it was over. WELL THEY WERE WRONG.

I can't wait until my boyfriend brushes his teeth tonight..


Feature image courtesy of Kathy Moberly
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