Get Your Monday Chill with These Jokes From Tumblr


If Monday’s giving you the blues, Not to worry. we’re here with a whole new haul of Tumblr fun for you, heat yourself a nice big slice (or two) of pizza, sit back, and let the lolz commence.

That moment when the King of Hell can’t even handle your soul anymore.

“Yes, brethren! Saddle the moose! At dawn, we ride into glorious battle!”, said no Canadian ever. But you gotta admit, that would be pretty cool… right, Justin Trudeau?)

I am from the Internet, and I can confirm that this is scientifically true.

You were saying?


It just keeps getting worse!


Ah, it’s a-perfect! It’s a-me, Dr. Mario!

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to OPEN US A BIG CAN O’ WHOOp-@SS!

*badum-tish* Oh, you didn’t get it? Uh… here’s a map.

The survey people had to slowly inch away from the blood-soaked doorway as the dentist continued his ominous chanting fitting a clay doll with the teeth of his last patient. We really wouldn’t recommend you get your root canal from this guy.

But he’s still the terror of Hell’s Kitchenette. Promise.

Where’s your street cred, son? We have a reputation to uphold!

Well, you’re not… wrong.

Now coming to a VHS and Betamax rental near you.

OMG, send this guy to the Olympics! Very might! Such strong!

Aha, ahahahahaha, omg save me from all this trajectory, I’m crying Ive fallen and I can’t get up

Like rays of warm sunshine in a dewy meadow. It’s so… beautiful *wipes tear*


Feature image courtesy of Alexas_Fotos
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