The Polls Are Turning Into Mayhem And The Internet Isn’t Happy

The polls are erupting into mayhem in some states where people are having a tough time voting. According to MSNBC, Arizona voters had to endure ridiculously long lines after officials in one county cut the number of voting stations by 70%.

Arizona is about as deep red of a state as you can get and it’s probably no coincidence that the polls are sketchy in this state. Trump and Sanders supporters are particularly upset with the problem because both groups believe that this directly affects their candidate.

And though everybody is getting kind of pissed, at least Paris Hilton got to vote.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the hashtag #VotingRightsAct1965 is on the verge of trending. The bill that the hashtag is referring to was signed into law by President Johnson and it made it a lot harder to keep minorities from voting. But with the requirement of photo ID’s in some counties, many minorities are complaining that it’s hard for them to vote.

If you don’t understand voter fraud at all and have a few minutes to kill, here’s John Oliver explaining it pretty well.

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