A Real-Life Zoolander: Plumber Turned Male Model

Plumber turned male model
[Photo credit: The Sun]

Plumber turned male model, Alex Parsons is dealing with a serious life change. The 23-year-old plumber was the winner of The Sun’s Hunk Hunt contest. Parsons beat out thousand of other contestants to win a modeling contract with London agency, Nevs. The shock hasn’t worn off just yet says Parsons. He knew he was good looking but he never thought he would make it this far.


“I didn’t think it would turn into a career — I genuinely thought I’d be a one-hit wonder,” Parsons said to The Sun after winning the competition. “If I meet someone new, I just say I’m a plumber. I never introduce myself as a model. I can’t bring myself around to using that yet.”


While his new career has become more than just a pipe dream (pun intended), Parsons is making sure to stay true to his roots. He says he is grateful for a tremendous amount of support from his parents. Parsons says he has been so busy with modeling jobs that he barely has time to visit the home he shared with his parents or get back to plumbing with this dad.

“I’ve only had to go back to plumbing a couple of times because I’ve been so busy. I worked with my dad and he pretends he doesn’t miss having me around but he definitely does,” he explained. “And my mum doesn’t send me off to London with a packed lunch like she used to make me when I was plumbing — I have to fend for myself now.”

The plumber turned male model says his parents aren’t the only supportive ones, his 73-year-old grandma recently joined Facebook just so she can easily see snapshots from her grandson’s shoots.


It is no surprise that the former plumber is extremely comfortable in front of the camera and of course, his perfect body is helpful when it comes to snagging jobs.

Oh, and before you get any ideas, he has also managed to snag a girlfriend amidst this whirlwind modeling adventure.

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