Flowery Beards Are Here In Time for Spring

There’s a revival going on round men’s grooming, and we’re honestly digging it. Glitter beards, merman hair, manbraids … Men are embracing delicate feminine touches together with their masculine sides, and we just downright love it.

Luckily, Spring is bringing back the trend that started it all. All hail the Flower Beard.


Flower beards saw its first bloom on Buzzfeed’s pages in July of 2014, and now they’re coming back in a fresh, fun, breezy way to welcome Spring. Let’s count down the different ways to rock a crisp, refreshing flower beard.

Pop with complementary colors.


Or revel in some lily and white-dusted simplicity.


Be wedding-ready by wearing this gorgeous bouquet on your beard.


Nothing quite says “I love you, you’re gorgeous beyond all telling, and I am committed to your happiness” quite like a flower beard. Wildflowers picked off the path you walked together on is a big plus.


Absolutely easy, and breezy, pure as love.


Be majestic with blooms in your beard as you feel the glory of the spring sunrise within your soul.


A soft touch of flowers in your lumberjack beard + cold-weather-clothing + the perfect photograph filter = an album cover that would make Sigur Ros weep.


THIS. This, dear friends, is the perfect example of “Roccoco AF.”


Because you can be a man of color and wear the tenderness and beauty of your soul, too.


Be the perfect, tranquil vale dwarf you are with a daisy-and-green-dyed-beard combo.


A flower beard, a man bun, AND a flower tucked behind your ear?! Be still, my poor heart.


The tiniest of these vibrant lavender blooms against a well-groomed fuzzy chin coif give us life.


Go boldly and bravely into a brand new world with flowers in your heart, and in your beard. Live your best life.


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