Scholars Flip Their Wigs Over Youtuber’s Historical Hair Tutorials


Calling all history buffs! If you’re looking for a bit more authenticity and research in your hair tutorial videos, we just might have the Youtube channel for you.

Janet Stephens is a professional hairstylist who also happens to have a deep-seated love for research and history. In particular, she’s taken her love for archaeology and studying ancient pieces of art to new heights by recreating the hairstyles depicted on them.

Now don;t scoff, this isn’t your stereotypical bands-and-braids-and-buns ensemble. Hollywood has got nothing on the legitimacy that goes into Stephen’s research. for starters, how would you like to sport this Roman hairstyle? This style of braided bun was made popular in by Faustina the Younger, wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.


Or if you’re looking for something of a more classical Grecian flavor, try these two styles of cross-tied Greek ‘dos. We predict the up-tied tresses will make a fantastic comeback just in time for the heat of summer.


If you’re more into the 1400’s here’s a hairstyle that evokes the popular looks noblewomen preferred, according to the Nuremberg Chronicles:


This channel also has something fun for little ladies, too. Try this four 40 BC braid ‘do for young girls: it’s easy, breezy, and will take a lot of effort for the hair to come loose. It’s every mother’s solution for every rough-and-tumble daughter at play.


As you may have observed in the above videos, Stephens makes an effort to use authentic, period appropriate tools, costumes and setting faithful to their period, and very patient models to help create these intriguing and educational videos.

Though having no formal academic training in history, Stephens had enough fervor for its study to combine her profession and her passion to create this truly unique channel. She eventually wrote a paper on ancient Roman hairstyling techniques. The success of her paper motivated her to apply to a fellowship to the American Academy in Rome. Stepehens may not have gotten it, but her channel continues to grow and gain followers.

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