5 Ways Startups Can Benefit From Livesteaming

If you’re someone who dreams of cultivating a special passion project of yours and making it count, strap in. You’ll definitely want to read this.

Are you someone who is right now nurturing a passion of your own? Your first book launch? How about an art exhibit of your finest works? Does thinking of opening your own handmade craft brewery, atisanal cafe, or fusion restaurant make you excited? Or how about that non-profit organization you’ve always wanted to start to work towards a cause close to your heart?

Many people all over the world want to start something special, something big. Oftentimes, they start with nothing much else but their meager savings, some handy tools, and a dream. However, the internet provides with helpful tools like never before, such as shared task lists, conference calls, and webcasting services.

Don’t be fooled: webcasting services can actually be one of the most flexible tools you’ll ever use in growing your startup. Here are five handy ways you can utilize this to ace your startup game.

Share Live Events


Everyone wants to be a part of something big they care about. Whether it’s your band’s first huge gig, a book launch, or the opening of a coffee shop, livestreaming is a good way to not just show how awesome your passion project is, but to also let your fans and supporters share in the moment. Sometimes, an event venue may not allow for a huge crowd, but livestreaming bring the experience to more people near and far. Make it a point to walk around to capture the most exciting points of the event to be your audience’s eyes and ears, and pay attention to whatever questions or comments your followers may raise.

Interview Someone Long Distance

So what makes a company more human? People. Nope, that wasn’t a trick question. Fans, followers, and even potential clients appreciate a company more when it isn’t afraid to show its more human side — so let them see your face! that, and let them see the faces of your employees, and even other clients who are happy with what you do. Conduct short interviews with them as a way to boost engagement, and is a great way to show people what kind of awesome people choose to work with you and for you. Don’t forget to acknowledge your audience, and make it a point to answer questions they send your way.

Train Someone


Up-and-coming startups that are innovative and forward-thinking understand the impact and importance of hosting a live training session. whether it’s self-improvement, a weekly fashion styling workshop, or even an online crafting course, people appreciate companies who have good content and a willingness to share what they know. Furthermore, your brand becomes more memorable when your tutorial or live training session becomes a great reference to go back to and even share with like-minded people.

Share How You Create a Product


Want to show the world how top quality your artisanal coffee is? Proud of the craftsmanship that goes into your handmade leather goods? Want your fans to see how well you assemble your specialty scents? Don’t be afraid to livestream it! People well always be fascinated seeing products transform from concept to completion, and gives viewers a glimpse into what makes your good so special.

Consumables not quite your thing? That leads us to…

Go Behind The Scenes With your Followers


This is probably as meta as it gets. If your startup is a TV show, a weekly podcast, or a Youtube channel, what could be more exciting for your followers than a sneak peek at the development of an episode? These are candid, honest, and fun glimpses into what goes into creating a show, and these are things viewers or listeners may not normally have access to. It can be exciting, as it puts your followers right there in the action with you. Feel free to take it off the location; it can be fun seeing you and your crew’s favorite lunch spot, for example.


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