Rejoice! Masturbation Can Help you Lose Weight


We’ve all had our share of weight loss stories, each one more grueling than the next. From intense exercise regimens, to the newest celebrity diet, to week-long fruit cleanses, the struggle to drop those pounds are more often a pain to live with.

However, what if you could indeed shed those pounds and have the time of your life? It’s pain-free, needs no special clothing or equipment, you won’t ever need to get out of bed, and it’s absolutely free!

Sounds wonderful? Of course it is! It’s so simple, you just have to remember this one thing: masturbate two to three times a day for a whole month!


Now, before you scoff, this is actually backed up by Science. We mean it.

Dr. Ramani Durvasula spear-headed this intriguing technique, and vows this can help you drop as much as 80 pounds a month. How exactly did she discover this pleasurable connection?  “I took one thing I loved, food, and replaced it with another, orgasm,” she explains to Men’sFitness. “When I got tired of the endless salads and fruits and vegetables, I decided, why not stick in something that is pleasurable and healthy? That was a short list—reading, writing, orgasm. So when I had to replace a pleasurable food, I used masturbation.”

diet-398612_640Well, props to her for being very hands-on with her own scientific endeavor. Kidding aside,  this not only make the effort a cause for satisfaction, but it also creates a certain rewards system in the brain that helps one towards actual weight loss.

“It’s a very simple premise of human behavior that if a behavior is followed by a reward, we tend to repeat it,” Dr. Durvsula explains further.”If the rat goes down the right part of the maze, it gets cheese, so it does it again. I put the cookie down, I masturbate, I have an orgasm—and I associate putting down a cookie with an orgasm. Basically, the reward has to be rewarding.”

Masturbation certainly has a plethora of benefits for both men and women. It not only relaxes a person and helps them sleep better, but it can also provide relief from menstrual cramps, improve circulation, and strengthen the pelvic muscles to prevent incontinence and uterine prolapse. For men, it’s not just an excellent way to improve the strength of your sperm and prevent prostate cancer. It’s  also a good exercise in improving “come control”, or ensuring your partner achieves their orgasm before you do (because everyone loves a gentleman in bed.)

So go ahead and love yourself! Your body will definitely thank you for it.

Images courtesy of Stux, Dannymoore1973, and mojzagrebinfo
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