Wanted Woman Hilariously Trolls Police Officers On Facebook

woman trolls police on Facebook

An Auckland, New Zealand woman named Dayna Paparoam is currently wanted by police for breaching the conditions of her house arrest. After police put out an alert for her arrest on Facebook, she decided to log in and taunt the officers. We have to say–it’s actually pretty funny.

The police department’s original post read:

“Have you seen Dayna Paparoa? We have a warrant to arrest the 19-year-old for breaching her home detention conditions. She has cut her hair very short and has a tattoo on her right forearm of a black cross with angel wings. If you have any idea where she is then please contact Sergeant John Nicol…or you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously.”


It’s a fairly standard police bulletin. At least it was until Paparoa chimed in.

Above: screenshot of the exchange between Dayna Paparoa and the Counties Manukau Police department. Courtesy of Facebook and Daily Mail.

“You not doing your jobs properly my bros hahahah” Dayna wrote.

“Hi Dayna Paparoa,” the police replied, “if you want to make it easier for us, why don’t you pop into a Police Station and we can sort out your breach. Thanks.”

Seems reasonable enough, right? Not for Paparoa, who hinted she would turn herself in after enjoying a nice, fat one.

According to the New Zealand Herald:


Other users who made comments on the post also received comments from the woman. So far, the post has been commented on hundreds of times. While some social media users condemned Paparoa’s actions, others voiced support and encouraged her.

By the way, I reached out to Paparoa on Facebook. She told me she didn’t want to speak to the media.

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