Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Is Having A Tough Time In Prison

Last April Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was arrested on a number of offenses, and the justice system wasted no time seeing that he found his way to prison. When the news broke we learned that he possessed and was distributing child pornography as well as paying money to have sex with minors. In time we learned that he was using his nonprofit organization to further his search for underage prostitutes and he was sentenced to fifteen years in a Colorado Federal Correctional Institution. He was also sentenced to pay $1.4 million in restitution fees to his victims.

Jared Fogle initially made news by losing close to 250 pounds on his “subway diet” that consisted of a six inch veggie sandwich and a exercise regimen. He became a face recognized in every household in America because of his association with the Subway brand. Fogle’s famous pants from before his weight loss dwarfed him and he reportedly kept them locked in a safe. This all came crashing down in May and everybody he’d been associated with quickly distanced themselves from the newly recognized pedophile. The press had a field day, because in America there’s nothing we love more than a fall from fame.

But since he’s been in prison the sandwich salesman has had to stray from his carefully regulated diet. Prison food, it seems, is more akin to junk food than to six inch veggie subs. Instead of keeping on some sort of diet, he’s resorted to buying honey buns by the box. Multiple sources have reported that in the three months that he’s been in prison Fogle has packed on thirty pounds. This may be a result of the depression that Fogle is no doubt suffering from because even in prison there are standards of decency. According to InTouch Weekly he’s now going by the moniker “chomo”, short for child molester. He’s also regularly subjected to beatings from other inmates. According to a former prisoner, informants and pedophiles are the two brands of inmate that are the most hated in prison. It seems the Subway salesman will be having a tough time of it for a while.



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