Kanye Tweets Photo of Himself Pirating Stuff Online


Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. Why you gotta go and do that, balla?

Mr. West right now is finding himself neck-deep in a lot of debt. It doesn’t help that he’s been insisting that music artist are getting the short end of the deal because of torrent sites like Pirate Bay and people who just want to “steal” their music.

Thing is, Yeezy better double-check the photos he tweets, because they certainly have a lot to tell about his own online behavior.

Take this tweet, for example:

Okayyyy… So Yeezy’s watching this Youtube vid of a song. Nothing too phenomenal, right?

Now hold on. DJ DeadMau5 zoomed in on Yeezy’s tabs just ot chec out what other stuff this rapper might be browsing. He finds, to his disgust, tabs open for Pirate Bay and Xfer Records Serum software.


Considering that Kanye West is co-owner of the paid music service TIDAL, which exclusively featured his The Life of Pablo album, this is one major embarrassment for the rapper. Word is also out that he and Jay-Z are also getting sued for not paying artists their TIDAL royalties. Ew.

DeadMau5 sure roasted him good, and his followers followed suit:

On the flip side, It seems Kanye isn’t alone on this Reports say that 39% of film industry professionals do pirate content — just like a lot of the netizens out there. Though you can’t help but wish Yeezy would have thought it no biggie to just purchase the programs legally. Ah, well.

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