Starbucks Is Headed To Italy And Italians Are Not Happy


Here in America, many people rely on Starbucks for their daily caffeine fix. Society would most likely collapse if American Starbucks shut their doors. (Probably not, but let’s not chance it.)

While the coffee giant is so important here, it seems other countries might not be as easily persuaded. For instance, coffee is experienced a little differently in other cultures. In Italy, people line up at espresso bars. After quickly downing a shot or two, people go on about their day. This is the complete opposite of Americans. We lounge in coffee shops, douse our java with cinnamon, syrups, creams and so forth, and carry around mugs of coffee all day long. This type of coffee addiction isn’t exactly popular in Italy.

Despite that fact that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz claims the chain was inspired by his trip to Italy, the company’s announcement of opening up Italian chains was not met with much agreement. As of 2017, the famous coffee house will serve up its menu throughout the country. The news of the openings spread through social media and many Italians weren’t very happy. One said they preferred Starbucks abroad, not in Italy.

The company promises to honor the Italian tradition and culture, but that doesn’t matter to some. Like this one user that believed that this could mean the collapse of the country. #StarbucksItalia could mean the end of the world!

Many Italians compared the news to the popularity of other American fast food options. Like this one that believes McDonald’s is an absolute horror!

Or Americans idea of pizza.

Let’s at least agree that Starbucks is better than Dominos.

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