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Massage therapy is just one of the most intimate services we’ll ever get to know as human beings. Whether you’re the one working them kinks and knots out of people’s backs, or being the one on their table wearing nothing but a towel and some aromatic massage oil, massage is one job where you need a lot of trust and professionalism.

That is, unless things get real awkward, real fast.

Just take a look at these secrets from massage therapists around the world from the Whisper app.

Sometimes, you just can’t help it.

I have been a massage therapist for over 4 years. I still giggle when my clients moan and make sounds when I work out knots.

And there will be times when you really, truly, just can’t help it at all. (He was just… so Bae.)

I'm a [female] massage therapist...& sometimes when there's a hot [guy] client of mine.... I'm turned on the entire time and sometimes catch myself kind of rubbing their body instead of massaging. I don't even mean to. ?

Of course, there are the little undiscovered perks you uncover along the way.

A perk of being a massage therapist is being able to take naps on the massage tables in between clients.

As well as the secret little pleasures, if that’s your thing. (though that does sound like borderline harassment, tbh.)

Best part about being a masseuse? Hearing a woman quietly moan as my fingers softly graze along the sides of her breasts

And then, there are some who do get naughty with their clients on the sly.

I am a massage therapist. My fiance doesn't know that I actually do nude sensual massage with happy endings.

Like, real naughty.

I'm a massage therapist and I once massaged a guy I had a one night stand a couples session with his current gf.

Like, real wild naughty.

Im a massage therapist and sometimes during a massage I let out a silent but deadly fart when they are face down.

And yeah, the job does have its own share of awkward moments.

I'm a massage therapist and I got a house call but I had no idea I would be massaging my professor

And there’s that temptation we so often see get realized in a lot of porn.

As a male massage therapist I never did anything inappropriate with a female...but I always fantasized about it.

Being a massage therapist in’t all jokes and fun, though. It comes with it’s own occupational hazards, too.

Being a massage therapist has killed my sex drive. I get freaked out when anyone touches me back

Not to mention some casualties.

I am a certified massage therapist but can't take a job in my field because my gf has trust issues. 4 years of college + 9 months clinical training wasted.

There are some who have just had about enough with all the ‘happy ending’ jokes.

I'm so sick of the phrase "happy ending" having any association with my job as a MASSAGE THERAPIST. I'm a licensed healthcare professional and I help people out of pain with therapeutic bodywork.

And some who see the job as one of the best ways to put some healing love and care back into the big ol’ scary world. They’re just keepin’ it real.

As a massage therapist I always check for scars on people's wrist and touch them in a way that says I care for you

And for some… Well, it’s nothing short of something out of a love story with a truly happy ending. (sort of.)

After about a year of massage therapy, the sexual tension was too much. We kissed

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