The Dog Holds One Of The Most Important Jobs At This Airport

Dog Airport

Meet Piper the dog. He isn’t just your normal pet. He holds the position of wildlife control canine at the Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan. Basically, his job consists of chasing off birds on the runways and tarmacs of the airport in these frigid temperatures. This is a pretty important job considering how much damage can happen if a bird accidentally gets sucked into one of these plane’s engines.

Insider uploaded a pretty awesome video of Piper the dog hard at work. As they say in the video, Piper is a pretty badass dog. See for yourself.

This badass dog chases birds off of runways at a Michigan airport.

Posted by INSIDER on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This awesome video shows Piper running after birds and looking stoic as he poses with his American flag. His owner works at the Michigan airport as well. As the operations supervisor, we can only assume that he is in charge of hiring.

When the pair isn’t at work, they are together training for work. Sounds like these workaholics are a match made in heaven. With more than nine million views, this Facebook video has gone to the dogs.

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