Carrot Cake Kisses Are Now a Thing


Move over, Toblorange. Hershey’s Kisses has just rolled out a brand-new choco-mashup that’s got chocolate lovers paying attention.

Easter is a pretty epic season in the candy industry, and the biggest sweet companies do take this happy holiday very, very seriously. There’s marshmallow Peeps, and the Cadbury Creme Eggs, not to mention the moulded chocolate bunnies, and so much more to mention.

I think it;s pretty safe to say that Hershey’s has upped the Easter candy game by rolling the first ever carrot-cake-flavored chocolate kiss. In fact, it’s quite possible you might find a pillow pack at your local Walmart exclusively and very soon, as shoppers all over the interwebs have spotted and snapped the curious candy on the shelves. It’s just in time for Spring, too.

Thinking that this just might be some orange-colored chocolate? Not quite — according to The Food Beast, this brand-new Kisses flavor is “made with a white-chocolate base [and] the Kisses are giving a bright orange flavor with some carrot flavoring.”

Carrot flavoring, huh?


While this treat may be bunny-approved, the Internet certainly has mixed feelings about this. Some love it for its looks:

Some love it for the taste:

Some are on the fence about it:

And some just downright hate the concept:

How about you readers: can’t wait to try this new flavor, or are you pretty sure you’ll pass up on this one? We want to know what you think. Tweet us your responses @SocialNewsDaily!


Feature image courtesy of The Impulsive Buy
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