#WildBum Makes Your Science Heart Hum on Twitter


Just when you thought Science couldn’t get any cuter, here comes another trending hashtag to celebrate all that’s good about wild behinds.

It’s not easy bing a biologist, specially when you’re the type to work in the field. There’s planning the research, finding the perfect spot/ settlement/ location/ habitat, making sure you and your team have enough to survive, and just getting the job done. Which includes tracking down your subjects, keeping them calm and unaware of human presence, and countless hours of patient observation at the potential risk of life, limb, and boredom. Oh yeah, and getting the perfect shot of your elusive quarry, which usually means taking a thousand shots just to get the perfect one.

More than 25% of those shots will be butt shots.

Luckily, biologists on Twitter have decided to share these precious butt snaps with the rest of the planet through the hashtag #wildbum.

“It started innocently enough,” shares Gabriella, a 26-year-old biologist from the University of Edinburgh. “[It] was born out of all of those photos where no matter how hard you try you end up with a blurry shot or a bum shot of the animal.”

These butts don’t lie.

We’re faced with all kinds of bun-buns: from the cute and fuzzy…

… to the sun-bleached and furry, …

… to the cold and scaly, …

… to even the wet, wild, and spiny.

Let’s not forget about birds, who hands-down have the most interesting tail feathers in this hashtag.

They certainly know a good bum when they see one.

All these hineys are good hineys.


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