Watch Luigi Wreck Super Smash Bros. Characters Without Even Moving [VIDEO]

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Hilarious: Luigi Wrecks Other Super Smash Bros. Characters Without Even Moving.

Super Smash Brothers is serious business. From high-stakes tournaments to gambling matches, it’s every bit as competitive as a sport you’d have to put on pants for. But there’s still room for humor—like this video of Luigi doing absolutely nothing while a bunch of Level 9 computers find ingenious ways to kill themselves.

See it for yourself:


Smash Smash Bros. 4 came out in September of 2014 and was an immediate hit with players and game reviewers. IGN’s Jose Otero had this to say about the world-renowned brawling game:

“Smash Bros. Wii U wraps more than 30 years of gaming history together into an approachable brawler. Every fighter in the 49-strong roster uses the same button-presses to execute attacks and special moves, but each has their own distinct style that’s fun to learn. It makes them simple to pick up and play, but also challenging to master.”

He goes on to say:

“Excellent moment-to-moment combat is the real jewel of this game, and the many ways it can be played, from the Wii U GamePad to classic GameCube controllers with an adapter, make it a gift that keeps on giving. The action scales incredibly well: two-player duels are tense, while eight players all trying to Smash each other out of the ring is complete chaos. Turning items off removes the random element, turning it into more of a test of skill. But that’s just the beginning. The constant variety of the multiple modes keeps me playing. Event mode, for instance, makes learning new characters’ moves easy by putting them in playful solo or co-op adventures.”

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