Cozy Up With Some Relationship Wisdom From Couples

Love is rarely wise, but it certainly is a source of so much wisdom.

Mashable recently asked their readers what they learned about love through their own relationships via a sharing app, as well as the hashtag #LoveWisdoms on social. Couples who’ve stayed together anywhere from six months to twenty years have chipped in. Though their experiences are varied, they’ve all certainly learned so much about and from love.

Here are some wisdom bites from Twitter:

And others chose to send in their precious nuggets of wisdom via submission.

“Love and romance can look like a million different things.” — Tehila, 26, with partner Megan, 27, Philadelphia. Together 9 months.

“Think before you speak, specially when you’re upset.”  — Chris, 32, with partner Jasper, 34, New York City. Together 1.5 years.’

Love the person for who they are instead of who you want them to be.” — Bryan with his partner Breno, both mid-30S, Washington, D.C.


“Talk less, listen more.” — Bryan, 24, with partner Austin, 25, from Ohio

“Love sees more clearly than anything else and says, “I see it all. And I am still yours.” — Jay, 27, and partner Shiela, 26, New York City.

“Ask for what you want and tell your partner what you need. Your partner is not a mind reader (and neither are you!).” — Mari, 39, with partner Craig, 37, Detroit, Michigan.


“We are not all the same, and our differences are what makes us beautiful.” — Kamaile, 25, with partner Thomas, 26, Yakima, Washington. Together 6 years.

“You are going to have your good days and your bad days. Make sure you are with somebody that loves just as much, or even more, on the bad days.” — Ashley, 32, with partner Adam, 33, Campbell, California.

“Never stop laughing.” — Vicki, 29, with partner Dillon, 30, New York.


“Marriage is a constant balancing act of knowing when to be firm, when to let go, when to fight, and what’s worth fighting for.” — Sarah, 39, with partner PKB, 43. Together 13 years.

“There is no better feeling than knowing you are someone’s one and only, and that you have earned that position in your relationship.” — Lisa, 44, with partner John, 42, Canada.

“Forgiveness, understanding, and accepting and loving each other for who we really are, flaws and all, are the core of the love that keeps us together through all of the challenges in life.” — Orlando, 40, with partner Clay, 41, Orlando, Florida. Together 14 years.

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