Man Flirts With Girl On Facebook; Finds Out She’s His Ex-Wife

Facebook sometimes is a fun playground for online flirts, and sometimes it can be a tricky landmine-laden field for hookups, as one unwitting man found out for himself.

The unending squabbling of a couple in Bareilly, India has led to them going their own separate ways and filing for a divorce. Thinking Facebook was an ideal spot to search for the new loves in both their lives, they decided to take on pseudonyms (perhaps as a symbol of their mutual fresh starts and new lives?).


Guy finds girl; girl finds guy. Guy flirts with girl; girl flirts with guy. After weeks and weeks of flirting and teasing and sweet nothings, guy and girl finally set a date to see each other over dinner. They even choose a restaurant that was an old favorite at the Aub Khan crossing in the city of Bareilly. They put on their best date clothes, are thrilled with the anticipation of finally meeting their new love face-to-face — only to find out that they’d been chatting with their ex-spouse all this time.

Needless to say, that didn’t end well.

The couple started arguing rather vocally inside the restaurant, much to the bemusement and amusement of the other patrons. Police were called in to mollify the two, but found that there were no adequate sections in the law to book the two under. We can only imagine the police were pretty frustrated about this, as they resorted to sending the couple in to mandatory relationship counseling sessions.

“It was a purely a personal matter and no police complaint was filed, so there is very little to say about the incident,” an officer disclosed. Yes, the matter is once again with the Family Counselling Center.”

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