Say I Love You With A Potato


Conversation hearts are so last year. This Valentine’s Day let that special person know how much they mean to you with a personalized potato.

Yes, a potato. offers a unique gag gift with a special message-bearing spud. The 5-month-old business is the brainchild of Jeff Kelly and Jim Owens. The friends both have extensive business experience and bought the domain name as a joke.

spud messages

For $8 to $9, customers can choose a potato with a specific size and color. The guys will add your custom message to the potato and ship it anywhere in USA, Canada and Europe. The guys found it funny when they were selling 5 to 10 potatoes a day. Then, the website caught the eye of various online media outlets, such as The Guardian and Buzzfeed. Within a few days, business was booming with hundreds of orders. The founders were happy, but confused.

“For a couple hours we couldn’t figure out why we were getting more than an order a minute,” explained Kelly. “At first we were pleased, a couple hours later we were excited, and then, by the evening on Friday we realized we had a big logistics challenge on our hands. We’ve been going non-stop since Saturday, we’ve hired several employees and had amazing support from our family and friends.”


In case a potato isn’t your cup of tea, the website also offers glitter bombs.

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