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man braid

This early in 2016, we just might see the man bun well on its way out, with the man braid to take its rightful place as the hipster hairstyle of choice.

Men’s magazines hate it; women’s mags and style publications love it. Whichever side you choose to sit on the proverbial fence, there’s no denying that this style gives the man bun a unique. textured twist, and lets guys get as elaborate and ornate as they want to be.

Celebrities like Jared Leto and Harry Styles have started sporting their own versions of the ‘do as early as late 2015, and the rest of the world has begun to catch up. But don’t ask us: let’s let Instagram be the proof of it.

Let’s start with a classic French down the top. This is super-ideal for undercuts. It speaks of simplicity, and keeping it real. Real casual classy.

A photo posted by oscmott (@oscmott) on

If you have unruly wavy hair, use a tiny man braid down one side to give those waves some extra oomph.

It looks great on Asian hair…

A photo posted by Dave Cura (@ddmcura) on

… and is a fantastic way to make the most out of your peeking roots.

A photo posted by Sam Waldorf (@samuelle_w) on

Try having your honey braid your hair while you chill together; the sensation of her fingers running through your locks is super-sexy.

A photo posted by Taylor (@og_raptor) on

It’s fun for all ages!

The sky’s the limit with your choice of man braid styles!

A photo posted by oxique (@oxique) on

The swag is real.

And so is the Viking hotness.

A photo posted by Sean Lee Smith (@seanleesmith) on

How about sporting some Legolas locks?

A photo posted by Franco (@franks.jpeg) on

So, what’s your take on the man braid trend? Are you feeling it, or not so much? Let us know by hitting us up @SocialNewsDaily with the hashtag #manbraids. We want to know what you think!

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