Meet Dr. Evan, Instagram’s Hottest Veterinarian

With the influx of hot doctor in 2015, you may find yourself wondering, “where’s a hot veterinarian when you need one?”

Meet Dr. Evan Antin. He’s an animal expert as well as an exotic animal veterinarian working at  Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in California. Armed with his expertise, kind demeanor, and dashingly handsome looks, he’s earned the adoration of his 54,000 followers on Instagram. He loves taking selfies with all creatures great and small that do find their way into his clinic; the effect has surely melted the hearts of Instagrammers the world over.

Long story short, this veterinarian is 100% Bae. With a Capital B.

Animals are instantly soothed at his touch.

Sometimes a hug is necessary….i just love awkward cats ? Who else is a cat person? #CatLover #Veterinary #Medicine #ILoveMyJob

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Who’s the cutest of them all?

2015 ULTIMATE PELFIE! What better way to wrap up the year 😉 #pelfie #puppy #wildvet #vetmed #puppyvet #ilovepuppies #puppylove

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He’s burdened with glorious tortoise.

Dr. Evan has also guested in several animal shows on TV, and we’re just so stoked to see this sweet guy 24/7 on Instagram.

It’s party time all the time with this veterinarian.

Happy thanksgiving! Let’s dance ? #thanksgiving #wildvet #avianmedicine #bird #vetmed #cockatoo #dancingparrot #sillybird

A video posted by Evan Antin ??????????? (@dr.evanantin) on

Instagram’s “Sexiest Doctor Alive” is now looking for a date. No news on whether Dr. Evan might be on the lookout for a special someone, but only time will be able to tell.

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