Muslim Women Show David Cameron What #TraditionallySubmissive Looks Like

David Cameron

Nope, David Cameron, Muslim women aren’t as “traditionally submissive” as you might think. Oh yeah, and a good number of them can speak and understand English very, very well, kthnxbai.

Earlier this January, David Cameron blamed the growing Daesh recruitment on “traditionally submissive” Muslim women who should “learn English to prevent their sons from turning to extremism”.

Oooh, David Cameron, you just about it said it.

Oh, okay. So I guess these Muslim women on Twitter’s #TraditionallySubmissive responding to Cameron’s statement totally have no idea what they’ve done itemizing their achievements in English. And that they know more than two languages.

Nope, no sirree. Totally no idea.

Oh gosh, with all their achievements and contributions to society, how are they EVER going to keep their sons from turning to extremism?

They’re too busy creating jobs!

And getting multiple degrees in education!

And just being awesome people!

Indeed, however are they going to thwart Daesh/ISIS/ISIL by raising strong, independent, educated children?

And all that money raised for charity? Totally not helping anyone. Oh no, siree.

Certainly, Cameron sees that spreading unbiased truthful journalism is no way to prevent terrorism.

The Force is strong with this #TraditionallySubmissive Muslim woman.

And voicing your own opinion? On mass media? Forget it!

Oh, David Cameron, I think you’ve lost something that belongs on your face.

Other users cited the contributions of Muslim women in history. Like, oh I don’t know, higher education? Pfft, no big deal, right?

Even non-Muslims came forward in solidarity.

This tweet sums up all our feelings. How do you like it done, David Cameron? Medium rare, or well done?


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