Man Quits Burger King, Steals All The Chicken Nuggets

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This man sent a clear message to The Man the day he quit his job and stole all the chicken nuggets.

All of them.

Someone who goes by the Twitter handle Zealot has habout had it with working at his local Burger King, drove off into the sunset with a big bag of chicken nuggets sitting shotgun. What exactly did he do at the fastfood joint? did he flip burgers? Work the cash register? Do cleanup on the floor? We may never know, but one thing is clear: He certainly went home richer in chicken nuggets.

Just look at the care he put into buckling up these two bags. See him pat them chicken-tenderly. Truly, they are treasures on this earth.

Chicken Nuggets

Other people understood the deep intrinsic value of the aforementioned deep-friend golden nuggets of chicken deliciousness, and wanted in on this trove.

Indeed, the (chicken nugget) force is strong in this one.

Other Twitter users began hailing Zealot as a true local hero.

In time, Zealot launched into an inspirational, motivational Twitter thread on individuality, authenticity, and progress.

Truly an example for our modern times.

photo credit: Chicken McNuggets via photopin (license)
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