Spice Lovers, Rejoice! Sriracha Now Comes In Packets

If you’re all about the hot n’ spicy lifestyle, Tabasco just won’t do, and Sriracha is an absolute Must in your diet, leave the bottle at home. This condiment is now rolling out packets you can stow in your pocket. Spice addicts the world may now break out into song as the heavens open up and shower them with rainbows and the sweet tears of angels.

Sriracha2Go, the same company which brought you such greats as the bottle-on-a-keychain and Sriracha Hot Socks, now offers you the same delicious Huy Fong hot sauce in its most mobile, singlest-serving form ever. Stash these packets in your clutch, your man-purse, or your pocket, ready to hip out at your local bar, food cart, or resto anytime to save the day. (Just don’t sit on them, because squishy Sriracha smeared all over your pocket’s insides just ain’t hot.)


Will we start seeing these packets of hot n’ spicy joy in mainstream eateries soon? There’s no telling when that fateful day may be, but we an always keep our fingers crossed for it. You can also make the proactive choice and order the packets for yourself, your buddies, and your home on their website. A box of 50 packets cost $14.99, but you can also make your momma proud, reach for your dreams and order the 200-packet box for just $34,99.

So leave your giant bottle at home, and never have to explain to anyone why you have one in your car’s cup-holder. Your love affair with Sriracha is about to blossom, and it’s time you got yourself a couple hundred of these babies. Trust us, your Scoville needs, your eating habits, and your life i general is about to become so much better.

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