No, Kanye West Won’t Be Recording David Bowie Tribute Album

The internet rumor mill never ceases churning. Over the last few hours, rumors of a possible Kayne West tribute album to David Bowie began circulating, eventually finding their way into reports from otherwise reputable news organizations.

“Some are straightforward cover versions with Kanye actually singing,” an unnamed “source” told The Daily Star, sparking the rumors and leading other news websites to run stories on the non-existent project. “On others he is rapping with his own lyrics over Bowie’s music.”

So believable was the rumor, thousands of David Bowie fans rushed to sign an online petition begging the rapper not to touch Bowie’s work. Apparently, the idea of Kanye West covering or remixing the late singer-songwriter’s work didn’t sit well with fans.

Well, those fans can rest easy. It isn’t happening. In fact, the only thing Kayne has said about Bowie is this:

Not everybody will be relieved the project was a hoax. Writing for The Guardian, Joe Muggs argues that West would have been a good fit to cover Bowie’s music and continue his legacy:

“The venom thrown at West is dispiritingly predictable, and to a degree understandable. After all, he makes himself very easy to dislike – just as Bowie made it extremely easy for terrified parents and uptight bores to dislike him in his creative heyday. The fact is, though, that West is the closest we have to Bowie in the modern mainstream. There is nobody else who can sell as many records as West does (30m-odd album sales and counting) while remaining so resolutely experimental and capable of stirring things up culturally and politically.”

Muggs actually makes a good point, but it’s doubtful the Kanye hate-train would ever concede to it.

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