One of Bill Cosby’s Rape Accusers Releases Rap Diss Track

Chloe Goins, one of many women who have come forward to accuse disgraced actor and comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault, has started a career in hip-hop. Her first track? A diss against Cosby.

Under the stagename “Chlo-Chlo,” Goins spits lines like “It’s not going away, it’s time to face the facts. I can guarantee that you’ll never make a comeback.”

Listen to the diss here:

The lyrics are below:


Hey Bill

I guess you think you’re pretty slick, huh?

Making sure you drugged us / thinking we’d forget yuh
But we didn’t / now everyone knows

You’ll be getting protested and boo’d out your shows

It’s a trip (damn, girl!) that you kept on for all these years

Too bad your victims were women with voices to hear

It’s not going away / it’s time to face the facts

I can guarantee that you’ll never make a comeback

End of your game / promise you won’t be missed

‘Cause I’m here in the studio / cutting the diss

Rap / attack / on this / hard track

Always a hit / made sure of it

(Hey hey hey!)

Whatcha gonna do, Bill? Poppin’ pills on the girls when they come through

(Hey hey hey!)

Whatcha gonna do, Bill? Now the whole world knows what you were up to.


Say what you will about her skills on the mic—lyrically, she only really falters with the cheap “rap attack on this hard track” line.  Amateur emcees have committed worse sins.

She’s already secured a record deal, and a portion of the proceeds for her record sales will be going to a non-profit organization benefiting sexual assault victims, according to The Source.

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