Day Care Teacher Convicted of Operating ‘Baby Fight Club’

Did this woman start a baby fight club?
Apparently, someone broke the first rule of baby fight club.


A Virginia day care teacher has been convicted of more than a dozen criminal charges after turning her classroom into what a prosecutor dubbed a “baby fight club.”

On Wednesday, a Prince William County judge convicted Sarah Jordan, 31, on 13 felony and misdemeanor charges, including assault and battery and child cruelty. Ms. Jordan is the former lead teacher of Minnieland Academy, where she was in charge of a classroom comprised of one-year-old children.

The witnesses who testified against Jordan said she intentionally tripped children, goaded them into fighting each other, and even sprayed them in the face with a hose. In her defense, Jordan stated she would only sprinkle the children with water, presumably as a game or amusement, without the intention of harming them.

Baby fight club
Virginia day care teacher Sarah Jordan (pictured) has been convicted on 13 charges, including child cruelty and assault and battery. One prosecutor called her classroom a “baby fight club.”

ABC 8 News reports:

“Witnesses testified that Jordan intentionally tripped children, encouraged them to fight each other and sprayed them in the face with a hose. Jordan testified Wednesday in her own defense and denied the accusations. She said she occasionally used the hose to sprinkle kids with water but never tried to hurt them.”

Jordan is currently being held by authorities and will be sentenced on May 6, according to People.

Jordan is being held by authorities and will be sentenced on May 6. One of Jordan’s colleagues, Kierra Spriggs, is facing similar charges. She’s set to go to trial next month.

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