Social Media And CEOs: Top Users And Stat [Infographic]

Social Media

Social media has a place for more than just businesses or average users and a new infographic looks at which CEOs are most active along with some other interesting stats about their social media use. The infographic was put together by in partnership with DOMO. The companies analyzed Rupert Murdoch, CEO of mass media company News Corporation and Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, a social media marketing firm.

Rupert is the top Twitter user amongst Fortune 500 CEOs and Dave is the top Twitter user amongst Inc. 500 CEOs. Dave has a Facebook profile with 25,400 subscribers and over 4,500 friends while Rupert doesn’t have a Facebook profile.

Rupert has sent out just over 500 tweets while Dave has sent out over 38,000. However, Rupert has over 300,000 followers compared to Dave’s 50,000 followers.

One popular social media metric is the Klout score and Rupert has a score of 90 with Dave trailing behind at a score of 82. The infographic also looked at stats among CEOs in general on all major social networks. Here are those stats:

  • Inc. 500 CEOs are 7.6 times more likely to use Twitter
  • Over 25 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs on Twitter have never tweeted
  • 98 percent of Inc. 500 CEOs have tweeted
  • The Inc. 500 CEO with the most Facebook friends has 3.2 times the amount of the Fortune 500 CEO with the most friends
  • Inc. 500 CEOs are three times more likely to be on LinkedIn than Fortune 500 CEOs
  • 95 percent of Inc. 500 CEOs have 10 or more connections on LinkedIn
  • Only 59 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs have 10 or more connections on LinkedIn
  • Larry Page, CEO of Google is the most circled user on Google+ and in more than 2.7 million circles

When it comes to answering the question “why should CEOs be interested in social media?,” here are the top three answers:

  • 94 percent believe social CEOs will enhance the company’s brand
  • 93 percent believe social CEOs are better equipped for crisis management
  • 82 percent believe social CEOs are more trustworthy

For a full look at the social media infographic, check it out below.

Social Media

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  1. Sorry, there is no credible correlation between company success and their CEO being on social. Apple's CEO? Not on social. Best Buy's former CEO? On social. Exxon Mobile. Walmart – CEOs not on social.

  2. No one claimed there was a correlation. Although I would argue that CEO's in some cases should be on social more actively. For example in raising funding rounds an open and transparent CEO could help the company's credibility. Also tech CEO's who open different avenues of communication tend to generate more buzz around their platforms.

    Apple doesn't need Tim Cook talking on Twitter, either does Walmart or Exxon, they are globally recognized brands with massive brand recognition. In fact I might argue that too much interaction from individuals within those company's could lead to stupid tweets, facebook posts and other issues that could negatively impact the brand.